Print design.

You can't beat well-designed printed materials. From  letterheads and business cards through to banners, posters, adverts and leaflets, you want everything you hand out to make a good impression. And even if you have a beautiful website you still want to be able to give a potential customer something they can keep hold of, show to others and think about after you've left. 

Words are an important part of the design as well - they need to have impact but they also need to communicate the character of your business. So we work with you to get not just the design right but to get the text spot on too.
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Design style

Good design has to 'get' you and your business. It also has to have an understanding of your customers. We ask loads of questions to make sure we understand both of these and only then do we make a start on designs.


We love fonts! There are literally thousands to choose from and making the right choice is vital. The fonts you use can say almost as much about you and your business as the images you choose.

Paper choice

We love paper stock too! We have a myriad of samples in the office and they're wonderful. Stiff card or light paper, coated or uncoated, matt or gloss, soft-touch or anti-bacterial laminate. Choices, choices....
Printed marketing materials

Great-looking print for your business. We can do that.

Print design is where Hooli began. We spend time with you to understand your business, your customers and what you need your marketing materials to do for you. Then we either use your existing brand guidelines to best effect in developing materials that stand out or work to develop a brand style that reflects your business.
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Adverts, leaflets, flyers and brochures

Marketing materials you'll be proud to hand over.

Consistent branding is key to printed marketing materials - you want everyone to recognise they came from your business. That doesn't mean you want everything to look identical! We make sure everything has its own identity but is recognisably 'you'.
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Printed display materials

Posters, banners and exhibition displays that stand out.

Display materials are a fun challenge - they need to catch the eye from a distance but still carry enough detail to get people interested. Both words and design have to play their part. We work closely with you to understand your key message and then make sure that no one can miss it!
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