Growth and support.

Marketing's about more than just making your business look and sound good. It's also about offering support if it's needed - support that can help your business grow. Support can take many forms. Perhaps developing marketing plans to identify your priorities and work out how to target your customers. It could be doing your website maintenance and updates or scheduling your social media posts if you get too busy or if that's not where your strengths lie. It might be setting up email systems so you can communicate with all your customers at once and then training you to use it. Or it could be all of the above. The point is we're here to offer help if it's needed!
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Website support

We can show you how your content management system works or we can do the updates for you if you run out of time. And our tech team has all your essential website maintenance covered too..

Email marketing

Yes, your emails need to look and sound good - but email systems like MailChimp (and others) do a lot more than that. They help with targeting, list maintenance, campaign effectiveness and much more. 

Marketing plans

Plans help you set your priorities, work out how to develop your products or services and the best ways to target your customers. They're also a great way to make sure the budget you have works as hard as possible.
Business growth and support

We support you as your business grows.

Training, planning, maintenance and ongoing support. If it relates to marketing, emails, social media or websites, we can help.
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Email marketing

The emails you send to your customers are powerful.

First off, they put your business in front of your customers and we can make sure they look great by designing templates for you to use or by creating the emails for you. 

Email systems can also keep track of all your GDPR obligations, they can target particular segments of your audience and they can show you the effectiveness of your campaigns.
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Essential website maintenance.

With a WordPress site, your site is your own. That's a good thing. But it also means that updating your site (the systems, the security and the plugins) is your responsibility. We can take on that task for you. 
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