Every business needs at least a bit of branding. It allows you to stand out, be distinctive and rise above your competition. But it's more than that; your brand has to communicate what's behind your business. It needs to say something about you and your values as well. And branding doesn't stop with your logo. Colours, fonts, images and the way you use words all say something about you, your business and your brand.

Once you've got a brand, you still need to keep it fresh. Sometimes that means a complete re-brand but more often it's about a gradual progression where your brand grows and develops along with your business. That way you keep moving forwards but stay true to your roots.

That's where HOOLI comes in....

Branding, re-branding, brand progression, brand refreshing. Big businesses or small startups. We listen to you, get a feeling for what's behind the brand and then we turn that into designs and words that speak to your customers.
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Or what your business looks and sounds like. Forget big business spending millions on it. For the rest of us it's more straightforward and cost-effective. A simple logo design, distinctive but stylish colours and a plan for how to use them. It's all you need to get going..

Brand refresh.

Shoulder pads were great in the 80s but they're not a good look now. If you don't keep your brand moving then your business can seem stuck in a time warp too. Small, regular tweaks keep your brand consistent but fresh at the same time.


Sometimes, just sometimes, if your branding's not working at all then a re-brand is called for. The key is understanding why what you've got is no longer right, identifying what you are now and coming up with a new way to say it.

Give your brand an identity.

From the moment you come up with a business idea and decide on the values behind it, you have a brand. HOOLI takes all your thoughts and ideas about your business and gives them a design identity. A logo's just the start. The aim is for everything to have a consistent look, feel and tone - it gives your customers a shortcut to recognising that something has come from you. And, even if you start small, it's our job to think ahead so the branding we create now can grow and develop along with your business.
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Print design and copywriting

Consistently branded.

Colour, style, tone of voice all give your customers a short cut to knowing the item they're reading comes from you. Consistency is key and you want to see that run across everything you do - from leaflets, brochures and advertising through to banners, business cards and exhibition stands. You want to be recognisable wherever people see you!
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Cost-effective websites

Websites that reflect your style.

You put your heart and soul into your business - you want your website to reflect that. HOOLI builds sites that stand out. We also build sites that work for budgets of all sizes. It's more than just building a site though. We work with you to identify your priorities, your key message, your calls to action, the copy and the right imagery. And we work out how, together, we can address all of that in the most cost-effective way for your business.
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